I was a young boy hustlin on the grind With way to much shit stirring in my mind And I was even getting money on the time Cleaning all the shit n all the grime But I started doin wrong on the powder lines Thought he had control But he wasn’t confined He left his rules and his morals behind

So I turn To my friends who really understand me The real me Not that white boi hustling in the streets Get up out my face before I give you some shit that’s laced No one understands that I ain’t losin in this race

This is a shout out to my boys The ones that bring me my joy Matt is the shit and me n him spit All these mad ass raps like its fucking opsolete Trevor may be crazy n he may be dumb But these are the Guys that I could talk to when I’m numb And don’t for get to drop It down for Vern dawg n Killa K Those dudes go harder then a me with a case of rosé

So I’m smarting up now and the game ain’t over I hit the bonus level so I.can do it over I’m getting the girl That caught me off gaurd, are you kiddin Wanted to me personally and my heart got lifted