1. Hard times soft mind

    I was a young boy hustlin on the grind With way to much shit stirring in my mind And I was even getting money on the time Cleaning all the shit n all the grime But I started doin wrong on the powder lines Thought he had control But he wasn’t confined He left his rules and his morals behind

    So I turn To my friends who really understand me The real me Not that white boi hustling in the streets Get up out my face before I give you some shit that’s laced No one understands that I ain’t losin in this race

    This is a shout out to my boys The ones that bring me my joy Matt is the shit and me n him spit All these mad ass raps like its fucking opsolete Trevor may be crazy n he may be dumb But these are the Guys that I could talk to when I’m numb And don’t for get to drop It down for Vern dawg n Killa K Those dudes go harder then a me with a case of rosé

    So I’m smarting up now and the game ain’t over I hit the bonus level so I.can do it over I’m getting the girl That caught me off gaurd, are you kiddin Wanted to me personally and my heart got lifted

  2. Ohh yeaaa

    Wake up in the morning gunna watch TV I grab my glasses I’m on the floor gunna rip these skinny Jeans while I lean on That purple syrup Drunk as fuck movin to fast so I think I’m gunna throw up

  3. Ohhhhh yeaaaaa

    Young money sell to the top dog Making Moe money then the Guy who runs the whole block

  4. Way to go Bro

    Way to go Bro

  5. Dam

    I wish things were different like back When we were kids so I didn’t have To worry about all the bullshit.

  6. Aahhahahahah


  7. moodylesbian:




  8. Trap music

    Made a million bucks Without sellin yay Wearing green chucks Smokin good, sipin Bombay Run this park like a track meet Got the girls team here, all varsity We all got problems,its diversity Jars so full looks like I did a robbery I’m so geeked ran the whole mile Now I’m passing out with a big smile

  9. "You will respect me if its the last thigh I do You will respect me I am above all of you"
    Close to home

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